Tuesday Discussion : Beryl Remnants Bring Week Active of Weather

The heat just won’t relent for the Hudson Valley, as Tuesday once again brings a Heat Advisory to the region in the form of Heat Index values in the upper 90s to near 100°.

The heat should persist until Wednesday… when we will watch as the remnants of Hurricane Beryl approach the region.  The guidance is getting closer to agreement, but there are still some details that are different.  Below are the projections for total rainfall between now and Sunday afternoon… by the GFS model and European models.

The Hudson Valley is outlined on both images.  On both scenarios a batch of heavy rainfall is depicted to our north on Wednesday and Wednesday night.  The majority of the moisture with Beryl is projected to stay well north of our region… but there is still time for a more southerly shift on the data.  But at this point it’s likely that the majority of the rains from Beryl will stay north of the Hudson Valley.

However, both data sets still show a considerable amount of moisture in the Hudson Valley by Sunday afternoon (0.50″ to 2.0″).  That is associated with a coastal low pressure system that will develop in the wake of Beryl’s remnants.  While not associated with Beryl, it could still result in a period of considerable rain over the weekend.  Something we’ll watch closely as the Remnants of Beryl pass by and the atmospheric setup for the weekend gets a little more clear.

Because Beryl likely misses to our north, don’t expect a big break from the heat until possibly the weekend (or in the wake of a scattered afternoon T-Storm).  High temperatures in the mid to low 90s… and heat index values between 90° and 95° most afternoons.  We’ll keep our eyes on the situation as we get closer… so check back for updates.

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  1. Any thoughts of when this extreme tropical heat will end? Or will it continue for weeks more?
    I miss the summers of long ago of warm or hot temperatures during the day, cool at night, and less humidity.

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