Tuesday Discussion : Expect the Unexpected

Upper level low pressure systems are always lots of fun. The energy associated with them is notoriously difficult for computer guidance to account for. Today is a great example of that.
Current Radar Loop as of 10:40am
The radar has blossomed from the I-84 corridor on south, with showers and thunderstorms. Even areas north of I-84 are now seeing showers and thunderstorms develop. These showers and thunderstorms are moving from west to east, and should continue to expand through the Hudson Valley over the next few hours. NEW computer guidance has the rain and thunder exiting the Hudson Valley between 1pm and 4pm from west to east… but keep in mind, the computer guidance did not indicate these widespread showers and thunderstorms as of 6 hours ago… so the details may change.
Regardless, please plan for the threat of showers and thunderstorms through at least the early to mid afternoon hours.

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