Tuesday Discussion : Gorgeous Change of Pace

A frosty start in some locations this morning will actually work into a fairly mild day, one of the warmest in awhile with temps breaking into the 50’s. The warm air advection is an early indicator of a storm system advancing towards the region, this will spread rain into our area by tomorrow.

Tomorrow night into Thanksgiving morning a strong high pressure will begin to build into the region, the right pressure gradient between our departing storm and building high pressure will result in some gusty NW winds. The good news is high pressure! As the winds subside we will be left with a beautiful Thanksgiving day with highs starting out in the 40’s but sliding down as those NW winds usher in colder air.

Cue Friday morning, cold start for shoppers but another great day of weather across the region, this tranquil weather should carry us straight into Saturday.

Beyond Saturday things begin to look potentially stormy. We are now monitoring the potential for a winter storm Sunday PM into Monday AM. This period has had a strong signal for a storm for quite a long time and the data is beginning to show that potential. Please remain steady in ignoring the plethora of click bait articles a 0% chance of verification snowfall maps that will flood your feeds in an attempt to boost clicks and followers. At this point know there is a potential for a storm, it has the potential to be mostly snow and plowable, low confidence due to be in longer range.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Discussion : Gorgeous Change of Pace”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Bill! Agree with all of the above. So great to be able to get the FACTS without the drana and/or the tactics designed to self-promote

  2. As the fronts get closer, I hope you will use your numbered zone predictions that you have used in the past (with occasional updates). They were always superior planning tools compared to all other weather services.


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