Tuesday Discussion : Gray and Cold

The dreary and cold conditions continue across the Hudson Valley for a 3rd straight day. A coastal storm is slowly exiting out to sea, and an upper level low pressure system has been left in the wake. That slow moving upper level disturbance has kept us unsettled on Tuesday… extending our cold, clouds and drizzle far past its welcome.
The futurecast radar shows another round of scattered showers likely for the afternoon on Tuesday, as the upper level low pressure rotates away. So another damp evening commute is expected. Temps will hold in the 40s for a 3rd straight day as well… as our highs are more typical of early March instead of mid May.
Conditions will begin improving on Wednesday, as the upper level disturbance moves away, and allows sunshine to return to the Hudson Valley. It won’t be a picture perfect day, but highs should climb into the 60s, and with a little sun… it will feel like a huge improvement from our weather the past 3 days.
Hope everyone makes the best of another gray and chilly day. Better weather is on the horizon. Have a great afternoon!

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  1. There is strange weather, and then there is the geoengineering going on right over top of us on a daily basis.. “Solar Radiation Management” needs to be stopped… along with the stigma and denial that it is occurring.

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