Tuesday Discussion : Halloween Not Looking Like a Treat

The next 48 hours look rather gray and uneventful around the Hudson Valley.  A light SE flow will give us a good deal of cloudiness for both Tuesday and Wednesday around the region.  Low clouds, patchy drizzle and even a stray shower can’t be ruled out Tuesday or Wednesday.  But on the whole… we should remain mostly dry… with temps holding in the 50s almost the entire 48 hour period.  Not what most consider “nice” weather… but with a building winter storm over the Midwest… not the worst weather either.

The big question at the moment is what will Thursday look like.  Halloween is looking rather spooky at the moment, with “trick or treat” possibly taking place on a ‘dark and stormy night’.  Thursday will be cloudy and mild, with an increasing chance of rain showers as the day progresses.

Early Futurecast Radar : 2am Thursday – 2am Friday

This is our general idea at the moment.  We think that rain is likely early on Thursday, as a batch of rain moves through with a warm front.  Then the bulk of the moisture likely moves north of the Hudson Valley, allowing us to dry out a bit for the afternoon on Halloween.  We can see a window where it’s warm and windy, with mainly cloudy skies… but dry.  Then Thursday night, after the trick or treating is over… an arctic cold front with heavy rain and thunderstorms pushes through.

The timing of this is critical… but the key takeaway is : Thursday looks stormy, with periods of rain… but we could see the potential for a dry window, where the rain tapers off… and ‘trick or treat’ is dry.  Make sure you check back with us over the next day or two.  We’re still almost 72 hours away as of the time of this post.  And with the details so critical, and little margin for error… you’ll definitely want to get better information if you’ve got plans for Thursday night.

Have a great Tuesday!

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