Tuesday Discussion : Patiently Watching Friday

We continue to watch the potential for a winter storm on Friday across the Hudson Valley. We got a little more information on Monday, but whether that information is the correct solution remains to be seen. Previously, the guidance seemed split between a significant snowstorm and a complete miss. On Monday the models met in the middle, with a solution that looks more likely to bring snow to the Hudson Valley, but in the form of a weaker storm. So as we start Tuesday, the more likely solution is a light to moderate snow event… perhaps a 3 to 6 inch event. But as the graphic shows, we are far from being able to eliminate the other possibilities. We could get data on Tuesday that paints a much different picture.
So at this point, we wouldn’t recommend any change from the ‘wait and see’ approach. Remember, the reason for us highlighting this system is not because it’s likely to be a major event… it’s because the storm potential is generating a ‘buzz’ online and in the community, and we want to help put that ‘buzz’ into perspective. We’re now entering the period (48 to 96 hours) where we should begin to get a better handle on the situation. We’ll begin to shift from a ‘rumor mill’ discussion, to part of the forecast discussion. Additional updates will be coming as needed. Have a great Tuesday!

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