Tuesday Discussion : Quiet Mid March Pattern

March may have come in loud and obnoxious, with bouts wintry weather.  The snow didn’t add up to a whole lot, but 2 inches here, a dusting there, 4 inches after that… and we had quite the snowy start to the month.  After an arctic blast followed the snow… things have quieted down quite a bit… putting the March lion down for a nap.

The pattern has calmed, and temperatures are back near normal for mid March.  We don’t have any significant accumulating snow on the horizon at this point, as the clock on winter quickly winds down.  For the 2nd half of the work week, we’ll see a SW wind gradually raise temperatures up into the upper 40s… and eventually 50s by Thursday and into Friday.  That will be accompanied by the chance of rain showers… but nothing overly heavy.

Cold air should return for the weekend, because the jet stream will dip south again in the northeast.  That should give us below average temps for at least part of next week.  The big question, is will a chance of snow come with that cold air?  There are hints of slight chances… but nothing that looks even remotely likely at this point.  We’ll see what develops… if anything.  And we’ll share the info with you as we go.  Have a great afternoon!

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