Tuesday Discussion : Signs of Change

A crisp start to our Tuesday around the region, as we’ve reached the mid point of September. This is a map of the satellite estimated temperatures as of 6am this morning. It’s been a while since we’ve seen widespread temps like this across the greater Hudson Valley.
Conditions will moderate the next couple days, out ahead of a strong cold front that will arive for the weekend. Behind that cold front, the coldest air since last winter pushes in, and we may have our first frost in the coldest parts of the region.
What were the low temps this morning where you are?

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Discussion : Signs of Change”

  1. It was cold like this in May, really a short time ago. BTW and I am curious about Tuesdays sky. I seemed smokey, not water vapor. Is some of the smoke out west in the higher atmosphere?

  2. Others are saying this hazy way up in the sky blocking the sun is smoke from all the fires out West. Is this even possible? That is 3,000 miles away!

  3. Yes folks, that is smoke from the West Coast Fires. I’m actually rather surprised that people don’t have an inkling that this is possible.

    Planet Earth is a closed system. What’s on this planet stays on this planet — pollution, garbage, waste, toxins, fracking, pesticides, oil consumption, plastics, and yes, even smoke from millions of acres of climate change induced wild fires.

    It is 2020. Everyone has to get on board that the terrible things we do on this Earth — the only planet that sustains our lives — stays on Earth and will be the end of humanity sooner, rather than later.

    I can’t stress this enough. What you do in your backyard, or in the ocean, has a ripple effect that adds to the impacts on this planet, our health, and our future as a species.

    Period. It isn’t a debate, or an opinion, or a political belief — it is science and it is fact.

  4. Don’t forget to mention the mis-management of the forests out west. When you neglect management on such a large scale the combustion is only to be expected. Fire is how the forests regenerate. Everything can’t be blamed on humans. We are not the only forces at work. We do need to manage our resources more wisely and with far less plastic waste pollution, agreed.


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