Tuesday Discussion : Somewhat Unsettled

A gorgeous start to the work week, with a crisp fall feel to close out the month of August.  The month as a total was a couple degrees above average in the northeast

US August Temperatures Compared to Average

Tuesday & Wednesday

The next two days will see the eastern US along a boundary between much cooler air in the central US, and a ridge off high pressure off the eastern US coast.  So when we look at the futurecast radar & satellite, you can see a lot of low clouds and patchy areas of showers and drizzle over NY and the northeast.

Futurecast Radar 8am Tuesday – 8pm Wednesday

This appears likely to keep temperatures in the 70s for the most part during the afternoon, and a fair amount of cloudiness.  A sprinkle or rain shower or two… can’t be ruled out as well.  We don’t anticipate any severe weather in the next two days, due to the low clouds and stabilizing atmospheric forces.  Mostly cloudy, and a sprinkle or two… will be the story for the next day or two.

Longer Range

If we look at the projected temperatures compared to average over the following week… you can see this pattern of cooler air in the central US is likely to hold on.  But the western Atlantic ridge will keep our area on the border between air masses.  That should mean some cold snaps… followed by warmer air… as the air masses battle for positioning.  In short… no sustained heat, nor sustained cool air.  In reality, pretty typical of early September

Projected Temperatures Week 2 (September 8th – 14th)

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