Tuesday Discussion : Stalled Fronts and Looming Gloom

Many across the Hudson Valley are growing weary of this persistently gray weather pattern.  Others are enjoying the cool and damp weather.  Regardless of your opinion, the weather pattern appears reluctant to change… so expect more of the same…

A stalled out low level front over the Mid Atlantic, and it’s creating enough instability to create a persistent low cloud deck, with areas of fog and drizzle.  It’s been present in various forms, at various times, over the last couple weeks now.  The result has been… and continues to be, the weather we are currently seeing.

So expect lots of low clouds, with areas of patchy fog and drizzle.  Temperatures will be pinned in the 60s for much of the day, but will struggle to climb into the low 70s across the region.  Peeks of sun will be possible north of I-84, with the chances best as you go further and further north.  Where the sun breaks through… or the skies brighten… we will see temps climb into the 70s.

This lasts until Thursday, until the next frontal boundary approaches with the remnants of Hurricane Michael being pulled into it.  We’ll have to monitor how the two features interact… and just how far north the heavy rain will reach.  Right now… it does appear that periods of rain are possible… if not likely on Thursday.  We’ll have more information as we get closer.

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