Tuesday Discussion : Tranquil Weather Returns

After a very active and very hot start to the work week, things look to return to a more tranquil status on Tuesday.

Clouds will mix with sunshine quickly on Tuesday, as cooler and drier air moves in from the north.  Afternoon highs will be about 10 degrees cooler on Tuesday.  Monday’s high in Poughkeepsie was 94°, and Tuesday’s high should be closer to 84°.  But the big difference will be with regard to the humidity levels on Tuesday.  Monday was quite oppressive, with dew points around 70°… on Tuesday, dew points will be much more comfortable, in the low 50s.  So instead of a hot and humid, mid summer day… Tuesday will see a more comfortable summer day.

This tranquil weather pattern will hold through the rest of the week… with high temps in the upper 70s to low 80s.  The one possible exception to this will be on Wednesday, where we will track a disturbance passing by to our south.  It could clip the southern edge of the valley as it does… and spread some clouds and a few spotty showers especially from I-84 on south.  We’ll have to track it… but either way it’s a minor issue for our area.

Monday Severe Weather Recap

We had notable severe weather event across the Hudson Valley on Monday.

You’ll notice that the reports are all wind damage across the Hudson Valley.  Reports were focused in Sullivan and Dutchess counties primarily.  Dutchess saw a severe cell push through around 4pm, and then a more organized line of thunderstorms pushed from west to east around 6pm.  We saw primarily reports of down trees and power lines in the areas where reports came in.  The size and scope of the event was no where near the major event from last month.  But it definitely packed a punch.

Feel free to share any reports in the comments section, but hopefully not too many of you were significantly impacted by the event.  Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Brief but powerful thunderstorm at approx 8:pm Monday here in Garrison. Brief but plentiful rainfall for a few minutes, lights browned out a few times in succession, snapped off once then staggered back to life. Must have rained an inch or more as the night went on to judge by the accumulated water on our flat roof at dawn this morning. Already evaporating now at 7:55 am as sun replaces clouds and humidity begins to slide.

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