Tuesday Discussion : Warm, But Unsettled

A warm front has parked itself over New York state to start off the month of October.  That has brought warmth to the region, with afternoon temperatures into the low and even mid 70s across the lower half of the Hudson Valley.  Even into the Catskills, temps are in the mid and upper 60s… not bad at all for the beginning of October.

But unfortunately, with the front draped over the northeast, clouds and scattered showers are also over the northeast.  While most of the activity has been off to our north on Monday, it looks like some of the showers and drizzle may drift further south… into the Hudson Valley… on Tuesday.

Futurecast Radar: 6am Tuesday – 6am Wednesday

The simulated radar suggests that clouds and patchy areas of drizzle will hold across much of the Hudson Valley.  As we get further and further into the day on Tuesday, and approach sunset… we could see some heavier rain showers moving across the valley.  In short… expect lots of clouds, and patchy areas of light drizzle… even a shower or two, for your Tuesday.  It sounds like another gray, damp day.

On a side note… we have begun labelling images of the recent rainfalls across the valley.  We’ll take a look at how much rain fell in the last 30 days, 60 days, and even 90 days (since July 1st).   We hope to have the graphics up at some time on Wednesday.

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  1. We have a tornado watch in Poughkeepsie til 12:00am on October 3rd, 2018 and pretty heavy winds at like 7 miles per hour (mph).


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