Tuesday Discussion: Weather Turns Unsettled

After a beautiful Monday in the Hudson Valley, the effects of an upper level low pressure off the east coast will touch off clouds and scattered showers in the Hudson Valley during the day on Tuesday. Tuesday we’ll see highs a degree or two below average… in the low to mid 70s. Scattered showers will begin to develop late morning into early afternoon… and keep the Hudson Valley unsettled through the afternoon hours into the evening.
You can see the futurecast radar looks pretty active around 1pm on Tuesday… but it remains to be seen just how much rainfall we can squeeze out of this weather pattern. Projected rainfall totals between a trace to a half inch appear likely. Some localized amounts over a half inch appear possible, but that’s not likely for most of us.
While any rainfall is welcome rainfall, a good widespread 1 inch of rain would be ideal. The good news in the longer run is that this upper level low pressure is in no hurry to exit the east coast. So another round of scattered showers appear likely Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon… with a chance of a more widespread rainfall about a week from now. So we’ll keep our eyes on the weather pattern over the next week, and see if a more widespread rainfall is on the way for the Hudson Valley.
Enjoy your Tuesday, Hudson Valley!

1 thought on “Tuesday Discussion: Weather Turns Unsettled”

  1. Pouring rain in Poughkeepsie, a couple of miles south of the MHB, on the Hudson River

    No rain at home, but at least the pollen and dust are getting rinsed off my car 🙂


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