Tuesday Mid Day Discussion : Severe T-Storm Potential

A strong cold front that will bring some noticeably different weather to the region is approaching the Hudson Valley this afternoon. After the showers and embedded rumbles of thunder this morning… we’ll have a chance for more scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon.
Futurecast Radar: 12pm – 8pm
– 1pm to 6pm (greatest risk 2pm to 4pm)
– Frequent lightning, heavy downpours, gusty winds
– <15% threat of damaging wind gusts
– <5% threat of large hail
(*% threat of occurrence within 30 miles of your location)
The morning showers and thunderstorms helped to stabilize the atmosphere out ahead of the cold front, and could limit the development of the afternoon thunderstorms. That being said, these storms could be locally severe. You can see on the futurecast radar from 12pm to 8pm on Tuesday, is not very impressive. A few strong to severe T-Storms develop, but not everyone is likely to see storms this afternoon. There is a roughly 40% to 50% chance that a storm will hit where you are, so be alert to the conditions in your area this afternoon. As usual, we will try to pass along any advisories for severe weather that may develop.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Mid Day Discussion : Severe T-Storm Potential”

  1. Got hit with one cell Tuesday afternoon in Chelsea, for 15 minutes it was like being in a Cat 5 hurricane, the wind & rain was unbelievable and resulted in tree limbs falling and a couple trees being uprooted. This storm also knocked out power for several hours.


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