Tuesday: Sunshine w/ Spotty PM Storms

A rather nice start to the day around the Hudson Valley, with temps in the 60s and 70s… and comfortable humidity levels.  As the afternoon progresses, we will see some rising humidity levels, and a few isolated mid to late afternoon T-Storms may pop up.

Futurecast 12pm Tuesday – 12am Wednesday

This futurecast NY state radar shows showers and storms blossoming just after mid day across the Hudson Valley.  Likely focused in the Catskills early, they do appear likely to affect all parts of the region before midnight.  While this radar looks ominous, the storm cells are actually rather sporadic, and not impacting too much of the region.  This can be seen better in the total precipitation map:

Total Projected Rainfall – Tuesday

Notice the Hudson Valley doesn’t have a lot of rainfall, except for the Catskills.  Poughkeepsie projecting 0.01″ of rain, Monticello 0.05″… so it’s going to be hit or miss storms.  Where a storm hits, you could get a quick inch of rain.  But for most locations, you may hear some rumbling thunder in the distance… or some dark clouds over the horizon… but you end up staying dry.  Either way, keep an eye to the sky later today.

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