Wednesday Discussion : Damp and Unsettled

Our coastal storm is lingering off shore, and we’re already feeling the effects in terms of the chilly air and cloud cover. Now we’re beginning to see the light rain and drizzle creep northwestward as the moisture rotates counter clockwise around the storm off shore.
Expect the afternoon to remain cloudy and cool, with temps in the 50s. A northeast breeze will increase, adding a raw nip to the air. Scattered areas of light rain and drizzle are possible, especially as you move east of the Hudson River, and even more so the further south you go. Viewers in Putnam and Westchester counties may see a steady light rain for several hours, while those in northern Sullivan or western Ulster may not see even a drop of rain. But the afternoon looks unsettled and damp for sure… so make sure you’re planning for the threat of rain.
These conditions will be with us the next day or two, so another reason to keep the coat and rain gear handy.

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