Wednesday Discussion : ** Hard Freeze Expected Tonight **

There are no watches or warnings currently in place for the Hudson Valley, but that does not change the fact that we are expecting the coldest night of the season so far. Winds will die down, and mostly clear skies will allow for maximum radiational cooling tonight. Temperatures in the low to mid 40s this afternoon will quickly fall into the mid 30s after sunset. By midnight, most of the region will be at or below 32° (except possibly parts of Rockland & Westchester counties). Overnight lows region wide should be between 25° and 30°… with the Catskills and coldest spots dipping into the low to mid 20s!
With calm winds, the entire region is likely to experience a hard freeze, bringing a formal end to the growing season. The National Weather Service may not issue watches or warnings, because many areas may have already had a frost. That said, we wanted to emphasize the cold air, and make sure everyone is aware of the likelihood of a hard frost/freeze. For those who may be curious about the difference between a frost & freeze:
FROST : A frost occurs when temperatures drop between 32 to 37 degrees for an extended period. Usually, this will cause damage to more sensitive plants. However, if proper precautions are taken such as covering up plants, prospects of survival are good.
FREEZE : A freeze happens when temperatures fall below 32 degrees for more than four hours. This event usually marks the end of the growing season, but some hardy plants can still survive.
The first hard freeze of the season is usually a clear sign that the seasons are changing. For tonight and the next couple days… winter will certainly be in the air.

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