Wednesday Discussion : Late Day T-Storm Concerns

A stalled frontal boundary will once again trigger the threat of strong to severe storms across the mid and lower Hudson Valley this afternoon and evening. We have increased impacts and outages with lowered confidence… based on yesterday’s observations, and the potential of similar conditions today. Today’s impacts seem to be focused along I-84 and points south, this will all be dependent on frontal location, day time heating, instability.
Where exactly these line segments of storms form and which cells become severe are as much unpredictable as these storms impacting more urban areas vs rural ones. Yesterday’s storm from Hyde Park to Millbrook was single handedly responsible for pushing Central Hudson outages over the isolated predictions amount.
Futurecast Radar: 8pm Wednesday
With that said, remember the ten counties we cover geographically determines the level of scale chosen. Example- a singular cell impacting 3 towns within our forecast area doesn’t result in a forecast for widespread impacts, albeit the impacts in those towns may be widespread. Please use these graphics as a help guide not the rule. We will continue to hone this graphic and its usage, for example today we have increased to moderate impact because the guidance shows the storms potentially forming over heavily populated portions of the region.
As always- when storms begin to form, we will keep you all informed and updates on their tracks and localized impacts. Stay cool today, stay weather aware this afternoon, and a shout out to emergency personnel and utility workers and first responders who have weathered our recent severe weather impacts to keep our communities safe.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Discussion : Late Day T-Storm Concerns”

  1. Is all this rain and stormy weather we have had Wednesday pm and so far today Thursday due to tropical storm Elsa ? I have a sense it is but you usually don’t address things like effects of weather impacts (tropical storms, jet stream and ocean currents) which I consider the “macro” level to help us get a better understanding of the big picture. You do great job with daily details but I find I have to often go to sites like NOAA to get the big picture.


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