Wednesday Discussion : Severe Threat for Thursday

After a great day today of post frontal temps and humidity, Thursday brings a return of severe weather to the region. The SPC has the region under and enhanced risk, which is quite a high risk for our region. Storms on Thursday may be widespread and have the capabilities to produce, damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes. We will as always be monitoring the situation and will work to keep you all one step ahead of any severe weather that may occur. Stay Tuned.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Discussion : Severe Threat for Thursday”

  1. I wish you would put names of cities on those maps. I have no idea where Woodstock / Saugerties is located. Are we in the eye of the storm or ???

  2. I have a tip for Raji above and others trying to look at a region map and find Woodstock / Saugerties. Draw a line from the corner of NY/PA across to the southern border of MA/NY/CT. Just west of the Hudson River on that line lies our region.


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