Wednesday Discussion : Unsettled Humidity

The next few days will feature a rather unsettled weather pattern for the Hudson Valley.  That will translate into warm and humid air mass, with each day featuring a mix of clouds and sunshine… but also a persistent threat of a scattered shower, or afternoon thunderstorms.  This threat will extend from today… straight on into Friday or Saturday.  So don’t expect big changes in the weather pattern right away.

A weak upper level disturbance over the Great Lakes will allow for a couple waves of energy to rotate through the eastern US over the next few days.  Simultaneously, we’ve got a Bermuda high battling for position, which is keeping a rather humid air mass locked in over the region.  We won’t begin to see a change… until the upper level disturbance in the Great Lakes backs off… and allows heat and humidity to move back into the Hudson Valley.  That likely happens on the back half of the weekend.  Have a great Wednesday!

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