Wednesday Discussion : Winter Go Away!

After a beautiful weekend, the weather pattern is steadily going from bad to worse.  Temps have been tumbling, and we’re looking at a weak system pushing into the region on Wednesday.  It will spread clouds and scattered showers into the Hudson Valley during the afternoon hours.  That storm exits by sunrise on Thursday… and leaves us with a rather nice day on Thursday, just cool for early May.

Then things take a very interesting turn on Friday.  Arctic air pushes into the northeast, extremely cold for May.  At the same time, a storm system will rotate around the trough, and push rain and wet snow toward the Hudson Valley.  Temps will be tumbling as the precipitation arrives… and we should fall into the 30s shortly after sunset on Friday.  As temps continue to drop, we expect wet snow to fall in the Catskills and elevations above 1500 feet.  Where things get tricky, and dramatically uncertain… is with the chance for wet snow even into the valley on Friday night.  Guidance is mixed on the idea, so we’ll watch it for sure.  But some wet snow coatings could be possible in the higher elevations… even a few inches into the Catskills.

But regardless of whether we see wet snow Friday night.  Saturday looks incredibly blustery and cold.  More reminiscent of late February and early March… than early May.

We’ll be watching this closely… have a great Wednesday!

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