Wednesday Outlook : Sun Fighting Through

This weather pattern continues to be a beast to forecast.  All guidance suggested that today would be mainly cloudy and muggy… similar to Tuesday.  However, at least in parts of the Mid Hudson Valley, the fog has burned off and the clouds have lifted… leaving us with a mix of sunshine and clouds.  This looks as if it could continue to expand across the valley… but don’t be surprised if the clouds do thicken and return across parts of the region.

Temperatures will be very warm, regardless of the sky conditions.  Afternoon highs should climb into the upper 70s and low 80s across the Hudson Valley, that’s 10 to 15 degrees above average.  Our warm SW flow out ahead of an approaching cold front… the same cold front that will keep us shielded from Hurricane Michael’s remnants in the coming days.  We will have showers and downpours, even a few thunderstorms to deal with on Thursday… but the cooler air behind the front will force Hurricane Michael off the coast of Virginia on Friday… keeping us clear of the heavy rain and gusty winds.

Updates on Hurricane Michael are available all over the internet, but here’s the latest update as of 8am:

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  1. I am enjoying today’s weather sick of cold wet dury days! My small dog set outside on the deck taking a nap nice breeze, would take it all year long!


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