Wednesday Outlook : The Heat Goes On

A rather rough day for many residents of the Hudson Valley on Tuesday, as we saw scattered showers and thunderstorms overspread the entire Hudson Valley. As can happen with summertime supercell storms, some areas of heavy rain developed and did not move quickly… leading to incredible rainfall totals in a very short time, and areas of flash flooding.
The good news, is that Wednesday does not look to be nearly as active. The bad news is yesterday’s thunderstorms will not relieve the heat and humidity situation today. We’ve got mostly sunny skies and temperatures surging once again… with temps in the low 80s as of 10am. Temps will continue to climb into the mid and upper 80s this afternoon, possibly hitting 90° in a few places. Winds have shifted out of the north today, but the relief of a northerly flow won’t reach us until tomorrow. For today, the humidity remains in place, and with afternoon dew points expected in the low 70s, real feel heat index values this afternoon are expected in the low to mid 90s. So once again today, heat exhaustion could be a concern if you have a lot of outdoor physical activity. Make sure you stay hydrated and take frequent breaks in the shade.
But relief is on the way! Winds out of the northeast will pull drier air south from Canada. That will take the humidity out of the air in the Hudson Valley on Thursday, with dew points dropping from 70° today, to near 50° Thursday afternoon. Highs on Thursday will also be lower, likely in the low 80s. So Thursday still looks warm, but much more comfortable, than what we’ve got today. Stay safe everyone, have a great Wednesday!

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