Wednesday PM Discussion : Unsettled Afternoon Showers

The humid, unsettled weather pattern continues across the region, with the development of scattered showers and thunderstorms. You can see on the latest radar loop, we’ve got a lot of unsettled weather across the heart of the Hudson Valley… so let’s discuss.

3pm Radar Loop

There were 2 separate clusters of showers and thunderstorms that are expanding to become one large, disorganized area of rain and thundershowers. As you get closer to the capital district, near Albany, the showers and thunderstorms are heavier and better organized. As you head further south, near Middletown and Newburgh, the showers are light and weak, and struggling to hold together as they track east.

As we move through the rest of the afternoon, and toward the evening commute, we should begin to see these showers and storms push east of the Hudson Valley. Computer guidance is not impressed with these showers and storms, and suggests that severe weather is not much of a concern. We’ll continue to monitor the situation.

Have a nice afternoon!

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