Weekend Discussion : Soggy End to the Weekend

An approaching storm system from the Ohio Valley will push clouds into the region early on Sunday, and give us a chilly and damp end to the weekend.

Futurecast Radar : Sunday 6am to 7pm

The front edge of the moisture likely reaches the Hudson Valley and Catskills between 9am and 12pm.  It could be cold enough at that point so the moisture falls in the form of wet snow and sleet… especially in the Catskills.  Temps will be above freezing, so we don’t expect any issues… but if you see some wet snow flakes or sleet pellets late Sunday morning, don’t be surprised.

As we move through the afternoon, the chance for patchy drizzle and spot showers will increase.  You can see on the futurecast, that the main area of moisture is over western PA, but there is patchy moisture out ahead of the cold front, that will likely lead to areas of drizzle and spot showers.  It won’t be until after dark that the main area of precipitation arrives… which will give us a soggy Sunday night around the Hudson Valley.

Futurecast Radar : Sunday 8pm through 12pm Monday

Temperatures will start out in the 30s on Sunday… and hold there for much of the morning and into the afternoon hours, before temps slowly rise Sunday night into the low 50s.  The front pushes through early Monday morning, and that will bring an end to the showers Monday morning.  Behind the front, temps will tumble back into the 40s, and a blustery NW wind will restore the chill to the Hudson Valley for Monday afternoon.

Have a great Sunday everyone, we hope you enjoy the day!

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