Weekend Discussion : Spring is Struggling

We’ve had no sign of winter for nearly 90 days now.  Since we turned the calendar to 2020, snowfall totals in the Hudson Valley are under 5″.  Even turning back the calendar to December 15th, over the last 90 days… snowfall amounts are incredibly low.

The normal Poughkeepsie snowfall over the timeframe, is nearly 30″… less than 20% of normal.  We’ve discussed this before… sadly, not much has changed since the last time we talked about it.  Odds are good that the next time we talk about it, the map will look very similar.  It’s without question one of (if not the worst) period of weather forecasting Alex and I have ever had to endure.

So accepting the fact that winter is an epic bust… we’re trying to look toward the arrival of spring.  We’ve had some warm days, and when you look at the March temperatures so far… the theme for the winter continues to hold strong.

Nearly 8 degrees above average in the Hudson Valley for the first half of March.  The entire country in fact, has seen incredibly warm air… in what has been the final stretch of a non-existent winter.  So the hope now is, can we just get these warm temperatures to continue, and bring us an early surge right into spring?

If you look at the long range European model, it suggests that over the 5 day period from March 21 to March 26… cold air could be in place over the northern half of the country.  Not likely an arctic outbreak or anything, but chilly for mid to late March.  So it doesn’t look like we’ll get any surge to spring.  Instead, it looks like we may struggle to warm up as we formally cross over into the spring season.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Discussion : Spring is Struggling

  1. We seem to have been cought in a pattern where storms go either to the north or south of us. But we did get a lot of rain. I am curious about how much water we got this winter versus normal, even if it was liquid instead of snow. The pond below my house, normally using the drainpipe this time of year, is still several inches lower. Are we heading into a drought?

  2. Echoing Eric’s comment. In the Accord area we’ve had a few weeks with little to no rainfall at all. We had a nice steady rain from about 3AM to 9AM Friday. But otherwise, the gravel driveways are dusty and the soil for a couple of inches has been powdery.

  3. my station here in Cornwall on hudson , 3.2″ 12/15-3/15 and 15.80″ since November 1st. Certainty the least amount of snowfall for a winter season in my stations history, 1996-to date.

  4. First of all, it isn’t Spring. Secondly, one had better not hope for too warm a weather pattern lest the Summer be purgatory. That will of course prompt some whining explanations in this space. WeatherUnderground. No whining, no “why-this-why-that”. No long-winded ego gratification. Just accurate forecasts.

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