Weekend Discussion : The Weather is Looking Great!

We’ve been saying for a couple days that the weekend needed to be watched closely.  Guidance earlier in the week was projecting showers and thunderstorms to be a big factor in our weekend weather.  But a few days ago, we saw signs that suggested it could end up pushing further south.  And now, as luck would have it… things are looking nice and dry.

Let’s start with Friday…

As we move into the afternoon on Friday, we should have a nice warm day on tap.  Humidity levels should remain in check, with a NW flow leading to low dew points, making for a warm… but comfortable afternoon.  There is a slight chance of a pop up shower or T-shower in one or two spots… with just enough atmospheric instability to maybe touch off a spot shower…

You can see that there are a few stray showers on the futurecast radar.  So Friday afternoon activities could have a brief delay.

Weekend Looks Like a Winner!

So remember earlier in the week, where Saturday and Sunday looked like an unsettled and stormy situation.  Then things began to improve.  Then on Thursday, this was the projected weekend rainfall for the Northeast.

Notice that the heavy rain was not far from the Hudson Valley, and that showers were projected to bring light rainfall into our area over the weekend.  Well, here’s the UPDATED MAP, and you’ll notice, things are looking even better locally…

Notice how much further south the precipitation has shifted on the latest guidance.  That means not only does it appear dry, but we should get a good deal of sunshine mixing in as well.  Saturday and Sunday are looking very similar to each other, and here’s how Saturday looks:

Both days are looking very summer like, with highs around 80° or a couple degrees above.  Dew points should be low, in the low to mid 50s across the Hudson Valley.  That should translate into some very comfortable conditions, despite the summer heat.  So anyone with outdoor plans should be very happy with the result!

A great, early summer weekend across the Hudson Valley.  So we hope you’re able to enjoy it!

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