Weekend Outlook : Coastal Storm Threatens to Bring a Wet Weekend

– Rain likely for Saturday
– Period of heavy rain possible late AM into PM hours
– Breezy conditions, gusts 20mph to 35mph possible
– Remains unsettled into Sunday
A sub tropical low pressure system is expected to develop off the southeast coast and move northward. It could strengthen into Tropical Storm Ophelia… but it will have a lot of characteristics of a non-tropical storm. The storm will drift northward, and be forced inland due to strong high pressure in place over New England and eastern Canada. The battle between strong high pressure to our north… and this coastal storm to our south, presents a tricky forecast for the weekend.
A band of rain is likely to move into the Hudson Valley early Saturday morning (between 5am and 10am). There could be a band of moderate to heavy rain on the north side of the system, and that could impact our area around mid day. Winds could become gusty out of the northeast, up to 35mph. So this storm could feel very much like an autumn nor’easter.
The center of low pressure will remain suppressed south… in Virginia, despite the periods of rain in our area on Saturday. That sets the stage for Sunday to be unsettled as well. Saturday’s band of rain pushes through the region before midnight Saturday night. But with the low pressure center stalled over Virginia… that makes our Sunday forecast very tricky… and likely unsettled. Sunday is likely to see leftover showers and localized downpours… along with gusty winds and chilly temperatures. Temps on Saturday are likely to hold in the upper 50s to low 60s… with Sunday slightly warmer in the low to mid 60s.
A potentially raw and windy weekend coming up… we’ll be tracking things closely as we go. More updates to follow….

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