Weekend Outlook : Get Out and Enjoy

Somehow, it’s the last weekend of July.  This time of year is statistically the hottest time of the year, with the average high being 85° in the Poughkeepsie area.  So when we look at the weather for this coming weekend, it looks like we’ll be a few degrees above average with comfortable humidity levels for the middle of summer.  Here are your projected high temperatures for NY state on Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Projected High Temperatures: Saturday, Sunday & Monday

You can see the Hudson Valley in the lower right quadrant of the graphic.  Highs in Poughkeepsie projected to be 89° Saturday, 91° on Saturday, and 92° on Monday.  The good news, is that with winds out of the west, humidity levels should be reasonably comfortable.  That means ‘real feel’ heat index values very close to the actual air temperature.  Each day looks to be rather dry, with hardly any rainfall projected by the European model.

So in short… it looks like a great summer weekend on tap for the Hudson Valley!  A fair amount of sunshine… slightly above average summer heat… and comfortable humidity levels.  If you have weekend plans, you should be very happy with what is in store.

Drought Situation

The last few months have been quite dry across the Northeast US.  Much of the rainfall has been dependent on summer afternoon T-Storms.  That means considerable variance from one area to the next.

You can see that the SW half of the Hudson Valley is not in a drought condition.  That’s due to recent rainfall from T-Storms, giving those areas near normal rainfall amounts over the past month or so.  However, the northeastern half of the valley has not seen as much of that rainfall, and is anywhere from abnormally dry, to even in a moderate drought condition as you head into NE Dutchess and Columbia counties.  With minimal rainfall expected over the next few days… that will only intensify drought conditions where it’s already being felt.

The good news, is that there may be some thunderstorms on Tuesday or Wednesday with a cold front.  But we’ll have to continue to monitor that situation as the weekend progresses.

Long Range Discussion

So far in the month of July, temperatures have been quite warm compared to average.  Not hot… but definitely 2° to 5° above average, during the statistically hottest time of the year.

Looking at the next 14 days, into early August… it appears that the focal point of the ridge in the jet stream could shift a bit further west.  This could shift temperatures closer to average for this time of year.

We’ll have to see how the details iron out… but the clear thing to state appears to be that we don’t expect a major cool down at this point.  Summer is here for the Hudson Valley, and while we don’t see any cooler than average weather, we also don’t see any intense heat waves in the next 2 weeks either.

Have a great weekend!!

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