Weekend Outlook : The Heat is On!

After a week of weather that saw some instability over the northeast, with clouds and drizzle starting our Friday off.  But as we look over the next few days, and into next week… the heat will be surging into the northeast, and Hudson Valley.

500mb Pattern (Jet Stream) – Friday through Thursday

You can see the large area of orange indicating a huge ridge of high pressure over the eastern US.  That will allow the heat to build quickly starting on Saturday.  The good news for Saturday, is that while we’ll see temps near 90° in the afternoon… the humidity levels should not be too oppressive.  However, that changes on Sunday, as humidity levels begin to elevate, along with the rising heat.  Sunday’s afternoon highs should be in the low to mid 90s… and here are the “real-feel” heat index values for Sunday.

The heat persists into Monday to start the work week, with highs projected in the low 90s once more.  But what will be noticeably worse on Monday, is the humidity.  Real feel temps will likely surge into the upper 90s on Monday, if the humidity projections are currently accurate.  We will keep an eye on that for another day or so… but the chance of a Monday high temperature of 92° with a heat index of 100° is a real possibility.  Make sure you plan for an oppressive Monday afternoon.

The heat and humidity will last into the work week, however we could get lucky Monday afternoon with a front pushing through.  That could give some heat relieving thunderstorms Monday afternoon and evening… and then pull humidity levels down for the middle of the work week.  Even so… afternoon highs through mid week are likely to be in the upper 80s to near 90°.

It’s summer time… and for the next 7 days, it’s likely to feel every bit the middle of summer.  Have a great weekend, and be sure to drink plenty of water, and take breaks from the direct sun.  Heat exhaustion will be a possibility over the weekend if you don’t take care of yourself… so use caution and take it a little slow.

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  1. It was just over two months ago we had cold and snow! Then, a ridge like this coming seemed impossible for the northeast. Now here it is.

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