Weekend Wrap Up: Unsettled Weather Ahead

Hope everyone is enjoying the tail end of a fantastic spring weekend. Sunshine, high clouds, and a light SE breeze. Temps around the region are in the upper 60s (Catskills) and low 70s in the valley.

As we head into the work week… an upper level low pressure gets trapped over the eastern US. It will mean multiple days of unsettled weather. Scattered showers are possible tonight, with those unsettled conditions and spot showers being possible on Monday. At this point, it looks like the steady rain will be to our south and west… but upper level lows are unpredictable. Conditions should slowly and gradually improve by mid week. Not ideal weather, but surely not the cold and snow we saw last weekend! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and start of your work week.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up: Unsettled Weather Ahead

  1. It is astonishing that on May 20th we are still dealing with frost. This past April and May have made us pine for the warmth of January and February. How often it didn’t frost at night then! As an observer, we often never have frost in May except for the first few days of the month. Snow and temps in the 20s in May (not in the first week even!) have made this month unprecedented for this 54-year-old. The Bermuda high was so brief this month and before you know it it’s gone and it’s cold again. Forecasters are saying cool right into June as well. No AC’s around here for a while. Long-range suggests heat will come in August and September in particular. It makes sense, summer will come this fall.

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