The Original Hudson Valley Weather

Our Mission

To provide the most accurate and down-to-Earth weather forecasts for the Hudson Valley and Catskills of New York.

Our History

The original Hudson Valley Weather was founded in January of 2011 and is still growing everyday! HVW was founded by a person who has always loved the weather since a kid and grew up locally and dealt with the frustration of only getting forecasts for Albany and NYC. This frustration and deep passion for the weather led to the creation of a local Facebook page to keep everyone in the beautiful Hudson Valley informed on local weather. Our Facebook page, now with more than 120,000 likes, has become the sole source of weather for many fans and has become a community of followers whose interaction and information make Hudson Valley Weather next to none for local weather.

Our Team

Alex Marra : President / Senior Forecaster

President and founder of Hudson Valley Weather. Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, Alex grew up dealing with the frustration of only getting forecasts for Albany and NYC. This frustration and deep passion for the weather led to the creation of a local Facebook page to keep his friends and family informed on local weather. Alex created Hudson Valley Weather in January of 2011. What began as a small Facebook page, quickly expanded into a regional resource used by thousands of residents.

His passion for the outdoors has given him specialized knowledge of all the local micro-climates in the region.  That knowledge helped spark the creation of the HVW zone map.  The zone map breaks the Hudson Valley into 9 distinct regions, which helps HVW provide extremely detailed forecasts for the entire region, especially during winter storms.

Alex Marra, CEO and Founder of Hudson Valley Weather

Bill Potter: Senior Forecaster

Bill is a life long resident of the Hudson Valley, with a passion for forecasting the weather that extends all the way back to childhood. In 2008, after constantly fielding weather questions from friends and family, he created the website Mid Hudson Weather. What began as a place for friends and family to get information, gradually expanded into a valuable local resource, used by thousands of local residents.

In July of 2014, Bill joined Hudson Valley Weather. Working side by side, Bill and Alex have made it their continuing mission, to bring the most accurate weather forecast possible to the residents of the Hudson Valley.

Kyle Kisslinger – Severe Weather Forecaster

Since early childhood, Kyle has been fascinated by severe weather. Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, he is a 2019 graduate of Haldane High School in Cold Spring, New York. He is currently working toward a B.S. in Geosciences with a concentration in Professional Meteorology at Mississippi State University. Kyle is also a member of the East Mississippi Chapter of the NWA & AMS. He looks forward to contributing to the HVW community.

Kyle joined the HVW team in the summer of 2020.  HVW is excited to have Kyle’s passion and skill on team, and the Hudson Valley will be lucky to have Kyle’s talent working for them, to help keep them a step ahead of the weather.

Landmark Events in the History of HVW

  • January 2011 : Hudson Valley Weather Facebook page is created
  • December 2012 : 25,000 likes on Facebook
  • February 2013 : HVW receives commendation from Dutchess County Legislature
  • December 2013 :
    • HVW officially launches website
    • Announced partnership with iHeartMedia of the Hudson Valley to serve as sole provider of weather forecasting
    • 50,000 Likes on Facebook
  • March 2014 : Website registers 1 million hits on website in less than 90 days of existence
  • February 2016 : 100,000 Likes on Facebook
  • March 2016 : HVW Releases iOS smartphone app in App Store
  • February 2017 : HVW Releases Android smartphone app in Google Play Store
  • February 2018 : HVW Releases redesigned website.

Weather Forecasts and News Reports

We provide localized and detailed forecasts for the Hudson River Valley of New York state and weather for the Catskill Mountains. Counties covered include but are not limited to:

  • Columbia County, NY
  • Delaware County, NY
  • Dutchess County, NY
  • Greene County, NY
  • Orange County, NY
  • Putnam County, NY
  • Rockland County, NY
  • Sullivan County, NY
  • Ulster County, NY
  • Westchester County, NY

Our forecasters use cutting edge weather models and our large local fan base provides real-time weather observations and ground data resulting in highly accurate, up-to-the-minute information on road conditions and potential hazards. Our Facebook page, Twitter feed and website are updated continually by forecasters with many years of forecasting knowledge on local micro climates, providing 24 hour service at times of severe weather.

Hudson Valley Weather is also a community for weather enthusiasts to talk and share observations about local weather and climate, and a place to learn more about the science of meteorology and forecasting. Our team of avid weather fanatics report available storm information from over 140k local fans, including damage reports, road conditions, school and business closings and weather observations. Cutting edge science with a down to earth feel makes HVW the first choice for weather for thousands across our area.

What’s Next?

The team at Hudson Valley Weather has big plans for 2020. With the re-release of our redesigned website, we anticipate having new features and functionalities added in the coming months.  We also expect the release of our redesigned iOS smartphone app, which will provide iPhone users with the same experience enjoyed by Android users…  giving you even more access to real-time alerts and information. We will also be partnering with local companies to offer even more great information and opportunities for the Hudson Valley community.

Our App

Contact [email protected] regarding app issues, general feedback, and feature enhancement requests.

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  2. Hi Alex,

    I retired to Woodstock some 20+ years ago and now have become a snowbird having downsized, with my wife, to a condo in Saugerties.

    I ran the meteorology department at Rutgers University for many years after receiving my BS in Meteorology from CCNY, and my MS and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. I have retained meteorology as a hobby after retirement and my interest continues to this day.

    I am sorry to say that I have been unaware of your ‘group’, ‘organization” or ‘business’ (please help with the designation) but I am very pleased with what I have seen. I have not had the opportunity to look closely at your output but it appears scientific and educational. Many of my former students have gone into forecasting including the private sector. Some of my research may still be available on google.

    I guess this has just been an introductory memo to let you know I am out there. I have not been ‘practicing’ for a long time and am not aware of the latest forecast models, and other most recent developments. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi. Can I get anyone out to my house for potential tornado that occured May 15 2018. I live in orange county ny. Please let me know. Thank you

  4. Guys,
    Thank you for what you do. I am looking for some input about weather on Saturday 6/2 in the evening. I will be hosting a community outdoor movie night from 7pm-11pm in Cornwall, NY. Weather is looking iffy. What are your thoughts?

  5. I am writing on behalf of Lifespring: Saugerties Adult Learning Community (A LLI–Lifetime Learning Institute). I have been trying to create a course on weather for our members and am seeking a knowledgeable volunteer who might be willing to make 3 to 6 (one hour) presentations in either the Spring or Fall of 2019. For more information on Lifespring visit
    While I don’t expect that either of the two of you would volunteer, I would very much appreciate your providing me with some leads that I could follow-up.
    Looking forward to your reply.

  6. I live in Ulster County, NY. When I open the site my current local weather is s for Jacksonville, Fl., otherwise everything else is correct.

  7. I live in Ulster County, NY. When I open the site my current local weather is for Jacksonville, Fl., otherwise everything else is correct.

  8. Hello,
    Do you compile your weather information in the form of an almanac? I am an architect interested in knowing temperature, precipitation and humidity in Ulster county for a full year.

  9. Mr. Marra or Mr. Potter,
    I tried to get in touch with Hudson Valley Weather several months ago about something EXTREMELY important: a past weather event posted on your weather report on or about February 1st of 2018. This report was a National Weather Advisory for Orange country about an ice event that was going to take place on that day (the temperature was to drop to the 20s or lower after a snow/rain fall).
    This report is important to me because I was involved (and severely injured) in a two-stage car accident/slip & fall which was solely due to an icy road surface on the 2nd of February. (The other particulars of this case regarding my physical injuries include: surgery and extensive PT and now acupuncture).
    I contacted and received the National Weather Service’s report for that day and it does indicate that the severe drop in the temperature to the 20s and below was to take place. Your weather service report a Weather Advisory for that day . . . that is what I need to confirm. Actually, it is of demonstrative importance to have this verification.
    Your attention and reply to this matter is needed and would be appreciated.

  10. Is there any way to see the weather for the previous week? My son has a school project and needs to know the particulars (temp, wind speed, pressure, etc) for each day. Thank you!

  11. Is there an issue with your website? It seems that Thursday afternoons forecast continues to show up whenever I view the page

  12. When are we going to see the annual winter weather prediction? Looking forward to it! Great job and such a useful, important service you provide, thank you!

  13. Here it is Tuesday, Oct. 15, and the last “detailed” forecast is from Thursday, Oct 10. I know you guys have other jobs that must be attended to, but 5 days between forecast is a little long. Even if nothing much is happening (a Nor’easter is on its way), a short blurb would be appreciated. Thank you.

  14. Alex and Bill – Thank you so much. Hubby and I have been using your site for years to help us plan when severe weather is on its way. We appreciate your accuracy and that you’re okay saying “don’t know yet” when you don’t know yet. Just donated for the first time; and am hoping you stick around for a very long time. Thanks for keeping me and my family safe!

  15. Hey guys. Great job as always. Couldn’t get through winter w/o the work you do. Just wanted to let you know, one of the winter advisories in red at the top is one line shorter than the rest. As they flip through, they move the page up and down while you’re reading. Small issue, but thought you’d like to know. You probably already do, just trying to help.

  16. Hello guys,
    So… the app is still showing last Saturday’s forecast. Not to complain, but it has become clear over the past months that FB is most current, followed by the HVW Website, followed by the app. Shouldn’t the App be most current??? We pay for that. I’m not on FB. So, even to check it is a process of putting in things to prove your not a robot etc. then, there are things you can’t see.

    My request (wish list desire!) is that you at least link content on FB so that App users have the most current info and access to it In full without being redirected — including the ability to join a conversation. (-: It’s frustrating to be a supporter who doesn’t want a FB account and realize, while I actually support you on purpose, I’m not Personally really getting anything back for that money, just helping to sustain you so the whole community benefits. (As I said, I do that on purpose, so…)
    Thanks for your attention. You provide a really good and fun service to the Hudson Valley!

  17. Hi Alex and Bill,
    Love your site. The Almanac ‘normals’ does not show up for me any more. I miss it. Can that be fixed on your end or mine?
    With thanks,

  18. Hi, just in the last 2 weeks or so my 5 day forecast is only 4 days and it starts on the day that has just passed so I’m really only getting 3 days. Today is the 15th but my forecast starts on the 14th and ends on the 17th.
    Hope everything is ok there and that the five day forecast returns soon. This is the weather station I trust.

  19. Don’t know how else to reach you about problems with this app.
    I have been using your weather app since it’s been developed. However for the last 3 + weeks it has not been working. I have shut down, deleted and reloaded.
    If this can’t be resolved with in the week I will be canceling my subscription.

  20. Thank you for all the great work you do.

    Much like the comment before this one, I have been unable to get the app to work for a few weeks now. It reads the latest forecast (temp) and radar, but never the 24hour or 5 day. I have a iPhone 11pro, and have never has this problem before. I miss the information and I hope you are ok. I tried sending this via email to your support address and it got bounced back 🙁

    Any ideas on how to remedy the issue? Are you all ok?

  21. Your app isn’t working, not giving any information whatsoever, no 24 hour forcast and no 5 day forcast not shiny area…nothing is loading
    I see I’m not the only person having this problem and it’s obvious your not fixing it

  22. Hello all! Like others who have commented, I am experiencing issues with the APP. Today I wanted a friend to put it on her phone and it wasn’t even available in the App store. We use iPhones. I was able to download my HVW app from the iCloud, but it does not populate with the latest data.

  23. Hey guys, any update on when the app will work for Apple? I’ve had the app since the beginning and not being able to check my local weather is really annoying. I hate that I’m looking at weatherbug because your app isn’t even available on the Apple App Store anymore.

  24. Hello! I recently upgraded my iPhone to the 12 Pro model. I list my HVW app and am lost without my accurate weather forecast. Please tell me if the app will be available any time soon. Thank you all the service you have been providing.

  25. You’re predictions are the absolute best! To the point I’m lost now that’s I’ve upgraded my phone and HVW is no longer an option in the App Store. I’ve bookmarked your site, and I’m sure I’ll survive having to take one extra step of opening a browser, but I just wanted to say that it is missed. Thank you for your hard work!

  26. Hey you guys should add windham to the listed towns in your zones. I know where it is because I live close by but a lot of weekenders can’t find it on a map and it’s a popular ski destination

  27. I noticed you haven’t a temp reading from Mahopac, Nearest North is Holmes. Is there a thermometer I could purchase to provide that automatically? Love your forecasts – usually more accurate for my location.



  28. I doubt anyone will be able to help with this, but just in case, does anyone have or know where I can find the “Hudson Valley Weather” jingle they played on the radio? I grew up in the area and it would be great to hear it again. Thanks

  29. It’s Tuesday, Nov. 8, Election Day. When I access HOME -> DETAILED FORECAST, the latest guidance is from Sunday, Oct. 30, talking about Trick-or-Treat weather! Does your website get updated this infrequently, or is the internet unusually slow?

  30. It’s Friday, Nov.11, Veterans Day, and the Detailed Forecast is STILL featuring Trick-or-Treat weather! Did something happen at HVW that we’re not privy to?

  31. You guys should seriously consider getting a new radar source. It’s 4PM and thunderstorms are booming all around us in Ulster County – yet your current radar shows nothing!


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