Privacy Policy And Terms of Use

At Hudson Valley Weather we take your privacy seriously. Below is our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

NO SPAM: We don’t sell, rent or give away any personally identifiable information. We do include advertisements in our email newsletters and text alerts, but at no time did the advertisers receive information about specific users.

COOKIES: Our website uses cookies, tiny pieces of software, to help us with some functionality such as Facebook commenting and for our demographics. The information collected is not used for any marketing purposes nor is it available to any of our advertisers. Cookies improve the functionality and user experience.

DATA COLLECTED: Data collected such as email addresses for comments is done so to maintain the integrity of our website and reduce unwanted spam or malicious links. No information collected will be used for marketing except where explicitly authorized by the individual providing the data. Use of our website does not require you to provide any data, however some functionality may be unavailable.

No personal data on this website will be given to any organization except where required by law and only under order of the courts.

THIRD-PARTY INFORMATION: Some information on this website is provided by advertisers and imported from other websites such as the National Weather Service, Facebook and Google. We recommend you check the privacy policy and terms of use of these third parties.

OPINIONS EXPRESSED: Opinions expressed by any user of Hudson Valley Weather such as Facebook comments are solely the opinion of the writer and not necessarily the opinion of Hudson Valley Weather or any other entity.

TERMS OF USE: Use of Hudson Valley Weather implies agreement with our privacy policies. Additionally, Hudson Valley Weather reserves the right to block or ban any user or entity for any reason.

LIABILITY: Information on Hudson Valley Weather cannot be guaranteed accurate. Hudson Valley Weather, its owners and employees, cannot be held liable for the use of that information nor can they be held liable for information obtained on any third-party sites linked from Hudson Valley Weather. Any liability is subject to the laws of New York State and the United States of America. Use of this website indicates agreement.

COPYRIGHT and TRADEMARKS: All content on this website, except where specifically noted, is owned by Hudson Valley Weather and subject to copyright protections and trademark regulations of the state of New York and the United States of America. All rights reserved. This includes the Hudson Valley Weather logo and derivatives thereof. At no time may any content be used without the express written consent of Hudson Valley Weather. Permission for use may be requested at

QUESTIONS: Specific questions about the privacy policy and terms of use should be directed to

ABUSE: Violations of Hudson Valley Weather policy or of federal or state law, including, but not exclusively, copyright violations should be reported to

This page was created December 20, 2013 and last updated December 20, 2013. Policies and terms supersede any previously published version of this policy. Policies may be changed without notice and will be published on this page.

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