Sunday Discussion : Blustery and Chilly

The storm system from Saturday has exited the region.  That will allow sunshine  and blue skies to return to the region.  For Sunday, expect clouds to mix with sunshine.  Northwest winds will be gusting up to 15 to 25mph, making afternoon highs in the mid 40s… feel more like the mid 30s across parts of the valley.

The chill intensifies as the night goes on Sunday night.  The NW winds gusting over 30mph at times, combined with temperatures falling into the upper 20s and low 30s.

This will make for a bitter cold start to the work week and school on Monday morning.  Temps recently have been very mild (roughly 20 degrees above average)… so this chill will feel even colder than it is.  With Monday morning wind chills in the teens and low 20s across the valley… and single digits and teens in the Catskills.

The chill extends into Monday afternoon… with the wind gusts peaking at 25 to 45mph… and locally 55mph in the Catskills.  This will ensure that afternoon wind chills on Monday afternoon don’t get much above freezing.  (despite temperatures in the low to mid 40s).  But big changes are on the way… with southwest winds returning on Tuesday.  This will warm conditions quickly across the Hudson Valley.  By mid week… we could see highs in the low to mid 60s across the Hudson Valley (roughly 20 degrees above average)

A taste of spring is on the way for the Hudson Valley by the middle of this week.  Hopefully some of you will be able to get out and enjoy it!



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